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The Sierra de la Culebra in its purest form...

Each day at dawn we’re overwhelmed with the expectation of meeting a wolf. Its evasive behaviour adds to the mystery, and the fearful presence of its prey feeds the imagination.

The wolf is an evasive species, moving around at night because of the pressure from humans, living in a forest environment (which makes visual detection more difficult), intensively hunting throughout the better part of the year. These characteristics turn our friend into a spectre, an unnoticed resident, yet omnipresent through the tracks it leaves behind and thorough study of the behaviour of its prey… In short, it’s obvious that observing it directly is highly difficult to achieve.

The activity basically consists of staying put at a certain spot, keeping enough distance so as to not cause the wolf and the fauna in the area any damage or trouble (which is essential, and for which a deep knowledge of the territory and the distribution of its fauna is required), equipped with optical tools to facilitate detection from a long distance while scanning a large area. Our job, besides attending to your needs at all times, is to tell you everything about the species, the fauna associated with its environment as well as its prey; botany, geography, landscape and culture… You will not be disappointed, and we will pass on our thorough knowledge with the passion it deserves.

As we humans have not got the tapetum lucidum the wolf has (a layer of tissue made of reflecting cells located directly behind the retina, which reflects light back to the retina and increases light absorption), and which makes nocturnal life easier for the animal, we have no other option than to try to locate it in the twilight hours. Whether we will see one will depend, in part, of the solstice, that is, of the time day breaks and night falls, according to the season. In the morning we will try to be ready, at the observation spot, one hour before the sun comes up, remaining in place two hours more in the course of the wait, and three hours before sunset in the afternoon.

We offer sighting packages including everything you need to spend a wolfish weekend 🙂


The magic and the mystery adorn themselves with ancestral history, and where the figure of the canid projects itself on coarse and proud lands. In our wriggling sierra, one travels through time, and the howl is our hymn. Only the passion to discover can bring you here…


Cofounder, Lobisome Naturaleza