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Passionate lovers of nature, we want to share with you the knowledge that we’ve gathered through studying the nature of the Sierra de la Culebra. We decided to start, on our own initiative and without financial resources, the Independent Population Census of the Iberian Wolf in the Sierra de la Culebra. After that experience, we felt inspired to start this project.

Carlos, a forest expert, has dedicated his efforts to the romantic idea that nothing is impossible if you just go into action. Putting this ideal into practice, his track record includes four campaigns to save the Iberian harriers; seven for the salvation of the Iberian imperial eagle, black vulture and black stork; population censuses of the rabbit, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, passerines, mammals, and so on. Furthermore, he has used techniques like radio tracking, fostering, hacking, and camera trapping; he has ample experience as a guide in the Monfragüe National Park, and he has participated in events such as the Crane Festival, The Birds of Cáceres Festival, The International Festival of Ornithology. Carlos has also worked as a teacher of ornithology courses.

A tireless voyager, he has visited countries like Australia, Tasmania, Senegal, Gambia, Morocco, Madeira, and many more. And he is a sportsman, too: over 8,000 km in mountain bike trips – trans-Pyrenean, TransAndalus, and five St. James’s Trails, among other.

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You can find us in wolf country par excellence. All our efforts are focussed on introducing you to the vulnerable and formidable predator, with its inescapable problems, in an environment full of magic and history. We’re waiting for you!

Carlos y Marta - Lobisome Naturaleza
  • Passion 100%
  • Knowledge 85%
  • Engagement 80%
  • Experience 90%

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